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With over 20 years of practical experience and proven success in business growth, Armen at PCW Consulting is one of the best customer service consultants in Sydney.

will provide a tailor made strategy to grow your business successfully and efficiently.

Customer Service is the most important form of marketing you can have.

A customer who will rave about your service to friends and family will give you more business than any other form of marketing.

We have extensive experience and unparalleled results in customer service excellence.

Our strategies will have every single one of your customers become a raving fan!

Not only will we provide the strategies for your customer service excellence, we can also help with the implementation of these strategies.

Based in Sydney, we work face-to-face with businesses across Australia.

Get access to experience, proven results and successful customer service strategies.

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    Exceptional Customer Service Consultant Sydney NSW

    Customer service is a major part of your business and it can affect your bottom line as well as how people perceive your business.

    Making sure that your employees are properly trained should be a priority within the company.

    Bringing in PCW Consulting for your customer service consultant in Sydney is a step in the right direction.

    We will provide you with a full report on a tailor-made customer service strategy and training.

    The option to receive customer service strategy implementation training is highly recommended.

    Here, we will train your management team and front-line customer service staff to ensure that the transition to your new customer service strategy is seamless and effective.

    Premium Customer Service Consultant in Sydney

    Amazing your customers is the single best form of marketing you can have.

    It’s pretty obvious once you think about it. Having satisfied customers who recommend and promote your business instead of criticising it is an asset.

    For them to tell their friends and family how great you treated them is much more important than having a good product or a cheap price.

    The good news is that offering your customers good customer service is rather simple and not a hard thing to implement when you have experience on your side.

    Hiring PCW Consulting as your customer service consulting company in Sydney is a great first step.

    Customer Service Consultant Sydney - Armen Mikaelian PCW Consulting Sydney

    Your Customer Service Speaks For Your Business.

    Statistics show that people are more likely to share their bad experiences than they are their good ones.

    In today’s technology-driven society the power of social media is sharing those complaints to a larger amount of consumers than ever before.

    Most companies boast that they provide good or great customer service, but they don’t even know what that is.

    Or, they know what it is, but they do not have the knowledge or expertise on how to deliver it.

    How can some of these companies provide such terrible customer service and still stay in business?

    It is because of the lack of competition.

    In a competitive market a company cannot get away with customer service that is anything less than a 10 out of 10.

    Here at PCW Consulting, we are the leading customer service consultant in Sydney.

    We have worked with many clients and with Armen’s experience in business growth through customer service we understand that great customer service is crucial to your bottom line.

    Training and Implementation from Leading Customer Service Consultant Sydney PCW Consulting

    Why Work With PCW Consulting?

    PCW Consulting is run by, Armen Mikaelian, a senior executor.

    He has been working with growing multi-million dollar corporates for over 20 years. He has an immense amount of knowledge and proven success that will help your company succeed.

    The key to improving your customer service is taking the time to find out exactly what the issues are.

    There isn’t just one customer service strategy that every company uses. Each business is different and each will have their own unique circumstances.

    Allowing Armen Mikaelian to work directly with your staff will allow him to tailor-make a solution for you.

    He will be able to take into account your desired outcome and any hurdles that may be foreseen.

    “Contact Armen directly on 0403 270 000  or send an enquiry…

    Premium Customer Service Consulting – based in Sydney – servicing businesses across Australia.”